Marketing: Skills in graphics & print or simply a willingness to learn are needed to volunteer for marketing a Kingsport Theatre Guild production. If your interest is Graphic Design and you want to build your portfolio, we could use your talents.


Courier: Posters and handouts need legs. While you’re out running errands, perhaps you could volunteer at the same time. There are designated locations that agree to post our production information and we make it really easy for you. Come pick up a packet of promotional material and help get them distributed.


Town Crier: If you have had pleasant experiences either attending a show or behind the scenes, let your friends and family know. Subscribe to KTG’S E-News and forward information to your electronic network. Post on your social sites like MySpace and Facebook. Bookmark our website and stay informed.


Usher:  Ushers take tickets and give programs. On occasion, an audience member will need some special assistance getting seated. This job is a fast shift of about 30-45 minutes before the production. Plan to stay and watch the show after your duties are complete, as we will have a seat reserved for you.


Ticket Sales: If you are interested in computers and have an attention to detail, a fun way to volunteer is by working with Kingsport Theatre Guild’s online ticketing service. Tracking “will call” tickets and monitoring the box office line on the night of the performance is a tremendous help to KTG. A one hour duty prior to the performance will be requested for this volunteer shift.  Some of these duties can be done ahead of time in the KTG office.


Office Support: Only general office skills are needed. There is an ongoing volunteer list of items to be completed. If you have availability August-May, please join us. 


Costuming: Many hands are needed on production. Sewing skills can vary from simple “crafting” to costume design. Generally, the Costume Designer is an expert that you can learn from; you may be an expert in the making. If you are interested in costuming, please contact KTG to ensure you are called in the event a particular show requires costuming.


Set Crew: If you have an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt that you don’t mind getting paint on; we have a volunteer opportunity for you. Simply come to auditions and express your willingness to be part of the set crew. Complete an audition form for the show you are interested in.


Fundraising & Events: Booth attendants and KTG representatives are needed to organize events. If you enjoy planning events and like to meet new people, this is a great way to volunteer.


Child Wranglers: Kingsport Theatre Guild’s imagination!theatre invites you to make a child’s theatre experience a positive life long memory. Adults are needed back stage during rehearsal, productions and workshops to support and keep young stars safe and happy during downtime. If you enjoy children and would like to be involved, please contact the office for consideration.


Board Membership: Kingsport Theatre Guild is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. If you are interested in learning more about what’s required and involved with serving on this Board, please contact the office.


” Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”  Edmund Burke